Soccer Players Are Built – Not Born

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that some of the world’s most gifted athletes (especially soccer players) are born with ridiculous talents and abilities that allow them to reach the pinnacle of their chosen athletic endeavor – but that doesn’t mean that soccer players are born great the moment that they first draw breath.
Literally nothing could be further from the truth.
Even legendary athletes like David Beckham, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo (amongst others) would tell you that though they were gifted with an incredible amount of athletic ability and prowess, if they hadn’t spent hours and hours every single day in the gym, on the pitch, or just in their backyard training they never would have become the superstars that they would later be known as.
This is why they say that soccer players are built, and not born.
Fall in love with the grind
The most important thing that you can do as an athlete (as any athlete, but especially as a soccer player) is to fall in love with practice, training, and grinding out your skills and abilities for hours and hours at a time – no matter how bored, tired, or sick of it you are.
The one thing that separates the truly great from the lower tiered athletes is that the great ones are always willing to put in just a bit more time, just a bit more effort, and just a bit more sweat to give themselves even just the slightest edge and advantage over the competition.
If you aren’t in love with grinding it out, working as hard as you can on the practice field as you do in a game, you’re never going to have any real chance at success.
Train smart and with a system
Secondly, you need to do absolutely everything you can to train as smartly as possible – which almost always means training with a proven system.
Sure, there are a lot of people who became world-class soccer players by fooling around in their backyard when they were kids. But the overwhelming majority of them all learned how to train to be a professional soccer player by following specific systems designed to produce very specific results.
There are all kinds of resources online that you can take advantage of to find a proper soccer training system that meets your specific needs, your desired outcomes, and your current level of fitness or ability, so latch onto one of those proven methods and follow it to the letter before you start to play around with anything else.
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