Chicken Survival

Recently, I suddenly admire Cao Cao, because he is the first person who clearly draws out the essence of what is called “chicken ribs”. After that word appeared, the complicated and messy situation was immediately pierced by a harsh – to the point.

The chicken ribs, tasteless, discarded the pity of things.

Across the millennium, the two hoarse and strong cries still pervade the Chinese continent, not only did not have the slightest diminution due to the passage of time, but after countless repetitions and verification, more and more clear, the more far-reaching.

Take a look around, and then you realize – a pile of chicken!

Iraq is America’s chicken feed.

Annabelle is the chicken feed of culture.

Han Han is the chicken of the coal body.

The so-called quality is the chicken feed of education.

Even friends, even love, are just chicken feed for the lonely.

College, on the other hand, is your chicken feed.

This is not a self-righteous “sermon” as an “onlooker and wise person”. I, myself, am living like a chicken in a chicken in a chicken in a chicken in a chicken university.

Isn’t it? We get up early in the morning and we start to get caught up in things that are optional, running around for goals that are optional, saying and doing things that are optional. At the end of the day, one of the tens of thousands of “dispensable days” is over.

–Cockney days.

There was a girl in the dorm room, the famous kind. Then there was a third party’s pursuit, just like the drama that played out every day in college. She complained about the boy’s stalker, while in the middle of the night and he was late in the day, flirting, playful, hung up the phone and then token complaints “so late still call, knowing that people have boyfriends ….” I immediately flashed in the comforter “chicken”, feel as wise as Cao Cao, and thorough.

The exams are approaching, the novel is locked in the locker, and the computer is left in the memory. I opened the dusty textbooks, day after day to cope with “failing”, as if I had put myself into a game, the main theme of which is “graduation”, the rules of which are “complete the task by decent and unscrupulous means “Then it’s over, and perhaps nothing will remain.

That is also optional transportation. When everything becomes a hopeless coping, learning becomes a chicken feed.

Walking on the road. People rushing past aimlessly. –That should be a paradox, we walk in a hurry without purpose.

A friend said, “In that case, then give it up, there is no need to keep the chicken ribs and give up the delicious.” Maybe it’s right, but reality is not a food market deal, you don’t want this, you may not be able to get that. Either, be satisfied with the chicken ribs, or, start over from nothing. That requires courage, perseverance, and strength.

Just like that “irresponsible” “school break program”, I thought it was a determined struggle to break away from the chicken ribs of education, and then to grow and open freely in the free world. In the end, it was aborted. My classmates said, “I found my conscience and became enlightened. In fact, it was the failure of a coward and the hesitation of a layman. –What kind of courage is needed for that kind of great renunciation! Siddhartha-like.

Our lives just keep pushing forward, stumbling, too late to think, too late to change, only to repeat the same thing, as others have done for decades, – because they don’t know what they really want, so they chase what they can want, it may not mean much to you It may not mean much to you, but you can’t give up, and then all the way to linger, all the way to panic, running, stagnant. The first thing you need to do is to get lost in a large and mediocre flower, and lose the tree in front of you.

In our case, we have been lost for a long, long time. Although still moving forward.

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