Maturity Notes

Time just slipped away

Happy, sad, touching, angry, radical, decadent …… all silenced

Compared to previous years, a lot of calm and relaxed

Watching my parents grow old day by day, I have a very sour feeling in my nose

Suddenly I realized that I have indeed grown up and become their mountain in a flash

Mature, you can not shouting full of confusion to learn to be introverted

Mature, you can not cry as a means of threatening to learn to be strong

Mature, you can not cloak and do not trim to learn to know

Mature, you can not be spontaneous and say how to do what you want to learn to think

Mature, in the face of all the unpredictable difficulties should be with a smile

Mature, see some unsatisfactory things should learn to tolerate ……

When you mature, you should have a sense of responsibility and struggle

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