I became a butterfly, a butterfly that just broke out of its cocoon!

I am still tired from the struggle, but I can’t wait to fly. I forget the thick cocoon that cages my body and soul, I have a kind of abhorrence, although it accommodates me, let me breed into a butterfly, but it also binds the freedom of my soul! In it, how many dark hours, I only thought of one goal: I must break out of the cocoon, I can not stand this unwarranted and tragic torture!

Today, I finally got out!

I just want to get away from it and go spread my wings and fly!

Fly up ……

I saw the blue and deep sky, the blue and wide sea, the boundless and vibrant earth …… My heart drifted to the blue sky, dissolved into the sea and cast to the earth.

After a purgatory-like ordeal, today I finally got a new life. That is a kind of cocoon out of the happy, is a kind of beyond all the liberation. I flew with grace and gentleness ……

The previous ugly state also no longer exists, now I am dressed in charming clothes, in the white clouds under the warm sun to release the mood, no worries, no worries, no attachments, only a free and easy me!
My past life will not be repeated in my present body, my past life is something, in the chaos of the sleeping chrysalis flashed through my brain, that is only the heavy past, I have now blurred, vaguely remembered is the phoenix nirvana love!

The chrysalis becomes a butterfly, everything is gone, the world is now my own world, fly alone at will ……

Pudu the pain of the previous life, reincarnation of the newborn will still be also wild wind and rain!

The wind and rain are blowing recklessly, my colored clothes are scattered, crippled and tarnished …… I begin to feel the doom! My wings are difficult to spread, dragging the wet and heavy crippled wings I can not move an inch. In the darkness of the night, I could not see any light, except for the terrifying electric light that pierced my eyes!

I exhausted my last bit of strength, I slowly closed my eyes, and I sensed the final moment coming – the despair of death!

Yet, I smile serenely, and I see in a trance that there are two butterflies dancing under the blue sky!

On a stormy night, a butterfly died and no one knew it!

A short life, just a fantasy!

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