Gossip in the Internet

In the Three Gorges University Baidu posting bar filled with some water, and left a QQ number, want to give those who will come to the Three Gorges University of the little brothers and sisters to provide some free advice ……

To my surprise, there were many people who added my QQ.

A avatar called ★Butterfly Ripple★ kept flashing in my QQ: “Xiang Zhihua!”

I was surprised and wondered how she knew my name when she continued, “I was browsing your website!”

That’s when I learned that she knew my name through my website.

Chill out ……

She said I did a pretty good website, the articles inside feel okay, I smiled lightly, in this current society, it is normal to say such things, not to say such things I still feel a little normal, especially the first time you speak to people more so. This may be my personal bias ……

Talking about literature, she said she used to be a big fan of writing and writing, but less so now. “Now I’m totally a science and technology student, mourning for my once youthful years ha ……”

Youthful years? Perhaps only those who play with literature would think of using such a word to describe themselves. Up to now, I have never thought of where I would dare to use the word “youthful” to express a meaning.

I began to imagine what kind of person she was. At the other end of the computer, she might also be with her eyes wide open, her eyebrows flying, a small, imperceptible smile on the corner of her mouth, tapping away at the keyboard with her long, slender fingers, letting the electric fan blow her silky tresses ……

I took the words from her mouth and knocked down this sentence: “Once I was also a very in the text, but in the higher mathematics of the indefinite integral, I have lost the angles of the former. I am telling the truth, I used to admire literature, I like to dance and write, I often play under the “banyan tree”, I can’t bear to leave. Now, in the face of professional choices, I have almost given up on literature, a place I once loved. Literature is a kind of cultivation, is in the state of mind of time to cultivate the unspeakable virtues, and I am slowly pushing her!

“Then differential reduction back!” She may have been snickering …… but her answer was expected, and when I was saying that out, I already had a feeling she would come back and say differential, to refute me!

But I began to appreciate her quickness and resourcefulness, “It works in theory, but in real life it’s an irreversible operation!”

“Time passes day by day, and we grow old day by day, life is a function, time is its variable, on the axis of time, time only has an end of positive front, and no footprints after the imprint! Life after the integral has no chance to give the variables that have passed to let us to differential!” I explain as such!

When I say these words to myself, even I feel deep, is this really how life is?

Still talking about some of the words I put in my website, about “Marriage is a responsibility”, about what you want to do on August 08, 2008 ……

“Once you get married, you can’t do many things you want to do ……”

A girl said it to me so bluntly!

“One can’t do many things in this life, but the important thing is to do what you want to do most!”

“This …… is not clear …… I think I have wasted too much time, the dreams I once had are almost forgotten, I want to do what I want to do but always have no courage!”

He who dares to face up to his own waste is a wise man, but an unwise one! “The good will eventually be judged by themselves!”

“Dreams don’t get forgotten by themselves, unless they give up, and what you want to do doesn’t lack the courage to do it, but it hasn’t become what you want to do ……”

“Maybe, looking at those fish swimming against the current, my heart is stupid, eager eyes follow them, but I can’t help but ‘go with the flow'”

“Fish that swim against the current are born with their destiny, and we will not be at the mercy of that destiny; it is still important to see how you see ……”

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