Passing Lives

The wind blowing outside the window, I can see it, but I can’t feel it, just like the passage of time, I can realize it, but I can’t catch it!

Yesterday’s laughter, today’s silence, tomorrow’s crying …… heart with an inexplicable feeling of sadness!

I returned to school in March, did my internship in April, defended in May, and left in June. …… Everything went so smoothly.

Time will not give us a break! I started to imagine “relativity” and a “strange” way to stop time – a wonderful fairy tale!

The window directly in front, the Yangtze River is flowing; right view, far away, a bridge creeping above the river I do not know how many years, cut off the Yangtze River? No one can stop the river’s advance!

The son on the river said, “The dead are like the husband, do not give up day and night!”

We are aging slowly! No one can stop the trend ……

Seventh floor, once let us scream the floor, no ultra-modern material to carry our noble body, not also climbed if three years or four years or more?

The steps of life, is a kind of living continuity ……

Modern civilization makes us feel that the world is getting smaller and space is no longer a barrier, but will time, life, one day also become eternal?

I would let my thoughts fall into cluelessness, as in the question: I am on Earth, the Earth is in the Earth-Moon system, the Earth-Moon system is in the solar system, the solar system is in the galaxy, the galaxy is in the universe, and in the end, I would ask, where is the universe placed then?

Sober after the bewilderment, I began to feel the smallness of life, coming and going for decades, we will always choose a time to leave quietly!

I no longer think about the universe, nor do I care about the geometry of life.

What can’t be caught is time, and what passes is life!

I woke up and snapped out of it and realized I was a 20-something!

I was playing in my parents’ arms yesterday, but today I’ve already played away a quarter of my life ……

It is said that the world’s shortest-lived creature can only live a few seconds.

We ignore the time of a certain creature’s life between our eyebrows and smiles and without realizing it!

I began to mourn for ourselves!

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