There are gains and losses

There was a young man who sought happiness and was not allowed to. So he asked a wise man for advice. The wise man handed over a spoon and filled it with water, saying: “Take this and go out for a walk, come back and tell me what you see on the way. The young man walked with the spoon and looked around. He passed by a lively marketplace, saw a wide variety of goods, saw a pleasing view, and admired a beautiful woman. When he returned to the wise man, he spoke at length, only to find that the spoon in his hand had not been dripping with water. So he went to another circle as if he had learned something. This time he took care of the spoon, but when he came back, he found that the water was there, but his mind was empty. So the wise man said, “Happiness is when you have enjoyed the beauty and at the same time kept the water in the spoon.

The initial understanding is that there is gain then there must be loss, the boss laughed and said: in fact, happiness has a price. His deep comprehension of the Tao is indeed also more winning. The so-called fish and bear’s paw can not be both. Youth, glory, and love are what everyone seeks. If you can have both, it will be what kind of happy feeling. It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for, but you’ll have to pay an inhuman price behind the scenes, which may be physical exertion, mental torture, the passage of time, and inner work. As long as you don’t use one for the other, it’s all worth it. However, for ordinary people, get the same thing at the same time often lost something. The money is there, but the health is gone. Love is there, but the youth is gone. Glory is there, but morality is lost. So in the end, you can’t be happy.

Hey, may God give us the magical power to speed up the chase to keep up with the dance of happiness; and may God give us real wisdom to slow down the chase, dip the flowers and enjoy the grass, not to miss the beautiful scenery around.

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