I told Yanzi the URL of my personal website. She browsed the site very hard and kept posting her comments on the site.

Finally she said, “How come I’m not written in the ‘They They’ section?”

She always likes to simply ask me some such and such questions, a few years of living together, naturally unnatural to the issues she raised I can not help but sneer at the other end of the computer – more specifically should be said to be snickering – snickering at her simple nagging, snickering at her frank words ……

The problem she refers to is so “serious” that I thought I should put a stop to it, but I never did – for the simple reason that in my mind writing about people is a difficult problem, especially writing about a familiar person, a person who has studied together for years. people. So I find it difficult to put pen to paper, to write about a real person I know well.

I have been afraid to write and have been dragging my feet, leaving a little blank.

Four years and four years, four years of separation, perhaps let me blur her image, and even dare not write about her things, afraid of too much untrue, afraid of too much unlike, for her everything in my indelible memory there is still a trace of imprint: can pout to talk, can shine moving eyes, can be a pleasant voice ……

Four years and four years, I am so fond of listening to her speaking voice, and even so vivid: “Spend each day meaningfully to be happy every day, happy every month, happy every year, happy for life!” I may forget a person, but a sentence with such a true meaning is not to be forgotten lightly.

Four years and four years, we, they, you, are so close, there have been laughter, there have been tears, there have been mistakes, all the stories that have been told, yours, mine, hers, die in today’s laughter.

Four years and four years, now we, as in the past, unrestrained laughing jaw past present and future, no barriers, no gaps, as in the same classroom behind the teacher secretly eating the same tacit understanding.

Smiling at each other, Swallow, you, me, you, us – or never change.

You are still so kind that you can give a stray cat a home it never imagined; you are still so simple that you often ask questions that I can’t answer instantly and correctly and can only snicker; you are still so nagging, no wonder Wang Huan also said “pester me, tell me everything, can’t shake it off, share your happiness and sadness with me”, you are still the old you ……

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